Live Long and Suffer | Spock Meets Grumpy Cat

I know that Grumpy Cat has been splattered everywhere recently; I’m kind of getting sick of her, but this was Christmas gift for a friend. Her two favorite things in the world are Star Trek and Grumpy Cat. She even watched that silly Hallmark Christmas movie, which takes dedication!

Live Long and Suffer!


Almost all of my gifts this past Christmas were handmade but I was really struggling with what to make her. Lying in bed approximately sometime around 1 or 2 AM the idea came to me for this painting. I was in the holiday rush so it didn’t come out quite as nice as I would have liked, but I’m posting it anyway.

I am rarely moved by the death of a celebrity, but Leonard Nimoy was more than just another actor. He helped to form another universe, one that has captured the imagination of millions and has influenced other great works of Sci-Fi. For that, let alone his many other contributions to the world, he will be missed.


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