My name is Kenni but I often go by Kennigma online. I’m an artist, gamer, lover of sci-fi, anime, cosplay, and live streaming! I currently reside in Iowa, USA. There isn’t much to do around here so I keep from going insane by gaming and creating artwork. I do not have many opportunities to cosplay at conventions so I started wearing my costumes while live streaming gameplay on my Twitch.tv channel. And that kind of sums my blog up! I created this website to showcase my artwork and costumes as well as to keep me motivated to keep on creating.


The Early Years

I was a very weird child growing up! In the sixth grade I made a suit of armor out of tinfoil and wore it to school because we were studying knights. It was not a school assignment and I was not trying to get extra credit. That was also the year I decided to pretend to be a ferret from outer space. So yeah, I was an awkward child. Growing up I often used video games as an escape from an unpleasant school life and an even more unpleasant home life. I now consider myself to be a fairly productive member of society, yet admittedly still crazy, and now games are just for fun! And domination. Mostly domination.

My Many Obsessions

I plan on creating a whole blog category dedicated to my obsessions and more importantly why they should also be your obsessions; but in the meantime here is a short alphabetical list:

cephalopods | costumes | dogs | Doctor Who
The Elder Scrolls | Firefly | Heroes of the Storm | Pinterest
Pokemon | redheads | Star Trek | Star Wars
table top games |Vampire Knight

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