My Adventures into Cross Stitch

Zombie Cross Stich

I learned how to cross stitch over the holidays! It is a simple type of hand embroidery and very relaxing, plus they make excellent gifts. Since it’s very repetitive I watched a lot of Netflix. It gave me the push I needed to finish Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (not really a fan!) and move onto Star Trek: Voyager which I am loving!


Forget the boring old “Bless This Home” embroideries; cross stitch is cool again! There are tons of hilarious patterns on Etsy and Pinterest but I ended up making my own by free-handing the images and using for the writing. I want to embroider designs based on 8-bit games but it will have to wait, right now I’m painting miniatures!

Dog Cross Stitch

I’ve made a new Embroidery Gallery to house these and any future embroidery!

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