Des Moines Comic Con 2016

Jaina Proudmoore - Wizard World \'16

Wow! Another year has flown by! Unfortunately I only completed one costume since the last Des Moines Wizard World, but it was by far my most ambitious to date! For the last month or so I’ve been forsaking sleep, video games, and my Twitch stream to bring Jaina Proudmoore to Wizard World Comic Con Des Moines. This was my first time working with a thermoplastic (worbla) and my first time crafting armor. I would say that most people at the convention had no idea who I was, but I did get the pleasure of meeting a few die hard Heroes of the Storm fans!

Jaina Proudmoore - Wizard World \'16 I attended Friday and Saturday and saw no other Blizzard cosplays with the exception of another Jaina, how funny!

Jaina Proudmoore - Wizard World \'16 I really love this shot with Doctor Strange! Our poses kind of match but it was completely unplanned.

Jaina Proudmoore - Wizard World \'16 “By the way, if you’re holding on for a Frozen reference just let it go. Oh no, what have I done?” – Jaina Proudmoore, Heroes of the Storm

Jaina Proudmoore - Wizard World \'16

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